Andrew Cuomo’s weakness puts all of New York at risk



On Friday, a defiant Gov. Andrew Cuomo again told reporters, “I am not going to resign,” in answer to a wave of demands he step down from almost every top Democrat in the state.

Thing is, the growing tide of calls for him to quit does erode his power, especially as new harassment accusers step forward. The more bad news, the less he’s feared and the greater the chance that he’ll be gone soon, no matter what he says or does.

Tough as he still talks, the governor is crippled. The center of power has decidedly shifted toward the Legislature, which has begun an impeachment inquiry. That means that Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins — the self-proclaimed “Wonder Twins” — will dictate the terms of the coming state budget, unless he steps aside.

They’ve been cautious so far. Neither leader rushed to condemn Cuomo over his nursing-home mandate nor the coverup of the resulting deaths. But the rapid barrage of sexual-harassment allegations has pushed everything to another level.

The gov was already signaling his willingness to raise taxes on the rich, despite the billions in Biden Bucks headed to New York. What else might he toss the left to keep the wolves at bay? There’s yet another hamstring-cops-and-prosecutors package of “criminal-justice reforms” in the offing, plus plans to make sure the state’s profits from legalized pot go to fund various lawmakers’ nonprofit allies.

Yet selling out ordinary New Yorkers won’t change his fate, but only delay it. How many favors does he want to do for his enemies before they inevitably take his scalp?


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