Australian TikTok user forced to show fake leg to lady over handicap spot



An Australian TikTok user had the perfect response for an older woman who demanded to know why he was using a handicapped-parking space.

The man produced his prosthetic leg, according to his now-viral posts about the incident on TikTok under the user name @pnuks.

The woman had approached the one-legged younger man while he was still inside his car, the irked guy recounted.

“Obviously, you can’t see my disability if I’m in the car,” the outraged man explained to viewers in his first of three videos.

“You are not the disability police!” he said, referring to the woman.

“Even if someone doesn’t look old or doesn’t look disabled enough, if they have this, you shut your mouth, and you walk away,” the man said, pointing to his parking permit for viewers.

“The last thing you want to do is approach someone who you think doesn’t look disabled and they walk out of the car and you realize, ‘Holy crap, he’s got a leg missing, he must be disabled.’ You look stupid. You look like a clown,” added the man, who did not have video of the actual encounter.

A banner over the video reads: “Why do old people think they are the disability police?”

The man later confronted the woman and shared that interaction in a follow-up video.

The footage shows the woman repeatedly insisting to him that she had a right to ask why he qualified for the space, while the man shouts over her.

“I separately need it, and there have been times …,” she tells him before he interrupts her with a tirade that ends with, “Don’t ever do that again!”

In the third clip, the man said he reported the woman to the police — and encouraged his followers to “tag McDonalds Australia so we can get the footage.”

He explained that it was the first time he’d been confronted to prove his right to park in a handicap spot.

“This is why Boomers suck,” he said. “Because for some reason, old people are the only group of people that can be disabled people.”


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