Colin Cowherd on Emily Mayfield’s defense of Baker and the Browns



Colin Cowherd added another Mayfield to his long list of feuds this week.

The radio host took issue with Baker Mayfield’s wife, Emily, defending the Browns quarterback against criticism from fans.

On Monday, Emily took to Instagram to call out Browns fans for putting all the blame on Baker for the team’s 47-42 loss to the Chargers. Cowherd, on Wednesday, picked apart the situation and noted Baker’s numerous commercials.

“Excuse me, how many national commercials does he have?” Cowherd said on his Fox Sports radio show, where he has frequently attacked the quarterback through the years.

“Spare me on the ‘he never asked for recognition’ and ‘he gets no credit,’ Cowherd said.

“Nobody in the history of the league, since I’ve been covering it, has had more national commercials, and is a 500 quarterback in a small market… He’s got one playoff win. He gets lots of credit.”

Cowherd also recalled that Tom Brady “refused to do commercials for years” while he played for New England.

Cowherd went on to opine that Mayfield isn’t as talented as quarterbacks Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in talent.

He added that his sources who he trusts in scouting in the league both like quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence over Mayfield.

Cowherd did, however, say that “Baker was fine” and “not the problem” on Sunday in the shootout loss to the Chargers. Mayfield went 23-for-32 with 305 passing yards, two touchdown passes and zero interceptions. He was sacked once.

Baker Mayfield during the Browns' 47-42 loss to the Chargers
Baker Mayfield during the Browns’ 47-42 loss to the Chargers
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The Browns (3-2) play the Cardinals (5-0) at home on Sunday in Week 6.


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