Feds clap back at suspect in cold case slay with pics of pot, cash stash



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A suspect charged in the cold case killing of a Brooklyn cafe owner asked to be released ahead of his trial — only for prosecutors to hit back by releasing images of the more than 200 pounds of pot and stacks of cash he allegedly had when he was arrested.

Michael Mazur, who is charged with conspiring with two other people to kill 30-year-old Joshua Rubin in 2011, requested last week that he be released on $500,000 bond and with his travel restricted to New York City and the surrounding area.

In response, federal prosecutors on Monday said Mazur should remain behind bars because he is both a danger to the community and a flight risk.

They highlighted the enormous amount of marijuana and cash Mazur allegedly had in his Brooklyn house when he was busted — including a slew of photos of the 230 pounds of pot and more than $200,000 in the Manhattan federal court filing.

“The fact that his primary source of income appears to come from the large-scale distribution of narcotics. When Mazur was arrested inside of his home, agents recovered over 234 pounds of marijuana strewn about the apartment and close to $200,000 in cash,” prosecutors wrote.

Mazur allegedly served as a lookout while two other suspects, Kevin Taylor and Gary Robles, tried to rob Rubin of a pound of pot in a Kensington apartment on Halloween 2011.

Robles allegedly shot Rubin once in the chest during the robbery, then the three suspects took his body to a field in Pennsylvania and torched it, according to prosecutors.

In an attempt to throw off police, the suspects allegedly gave Rubin’s credit cards to other unnamed associates, who used them at an upstate mall after his body was found.

Rubin owned Whisk Bakery Cafe in Ditmas Park at the time of his murder.

Mazur faces life in prison if he’s convicted for his roll in the slaying,


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