Here Is How You Can Work on Your Employee’s Privacy


Currently, privacy concerns are at the top of the mind of businesses owners in the United States. The United States government is ready to propose stricter rules in order to be more transparent about security leaks and data breaches.

After the coronavirus outbreak, many breaches and leaks have come forward. For perspective, it is estimated that the most expensive data breaches that happened in 2020 cost the company upward of $58 million.

Coronavirus and Security Concerns 

After the coronavirus outbreak came the pandemic, and then the mega work transition. After this, many employers were aware of the neglect coming from the employees. While working from home has its benefits, the obvious concerns come with privacy neglect and a number of security violations.

Many employees did not follow simple rules like using a stable internet connection for office duties, not letting any provider access office-issued laptops, and not using public Wi-Fi for office work. Regular training can mitigate this type of behavior. Other than this, creating a culture where employees feel comfortable reporting a breach or a potential attack is also important.

Employees with a firm understanding of data security or the company’s policy towards cyber security make it easier for the company to focus on privacy protection. On the other hand, employees also need to find Internet Service Providers that promise top-of-line security. Windstream Internet has made the search easier for remote workers. Remote workers can sign up for the Windstream Kinetic to make life simple, smart, and safe at one great price.

Apart from all the big factors, here are some more patterns to take into action so that employees can make the best plan for data protection.

Take an Inventory of Your Current Data

Cybercriminals often target the most private and important data to get the largest ransom possible. If you have your data backup up, they cannot put harm on you. Moreover, without an inventory of the data, it can take a ridiculous amount of time and effort after the breach, which ultimately affects employee productivity. 

It is better to take an inventory of what documents you have and whether they can be stored. This should include all the necessary employee files and backlogs of records that an employee has left before leaving the company.

As a company leader, you should regularly remind employees how they can play their part in making sure customers’ data and the organization’s crucial information remain secure. Employees’ should also understand that emails sitting in their junk or trash folders can also lead to unnecessary risks.

Emphasize the Importance of Reporting Breaches

There should be an internal privacy policy that allows employees to report any possible incident of a data breach. Timely reporting can help employees take responsibility and assist the company in taking the right measures immediately.

The company should encourage employees for reporting timely by rewarding them. And make sure that regular effective security awareness training also comes into play.

Bottom Line

Cybercriminals are only getting vigilant. Training your employees regularly on data security and creating a culture of prompt data privacy incident reporting are some of the best ways to foster privacy protection in the company.