Horse so over-bred rescuers thought she was a cow



It’s udderly horrifying.

A horse in the United Kingdom was left with such a huge hernia on her belly as a result of over-breeding that rescuers initially thought they were saving a cow, according to reports.

The animal, Minstral, was recently found abandoned in a field in Braintree, a town in Essex, with a swollen belly and black and white markings on her face, The Sun reported.

“I thought she was a cow because the hernia looked like a great big udder,” rescuer Sue Burton told the UK newspaper.

The discoloration on the 28-year-old mare’s face was caused by the skin condition vitiligo, which experts also believe is also a result of chronic over-breeding in horses.

“From the front, I honestly thought that somebody had painted her,” said Burton.

“She had complete white circles around her eyes and this lovely patterned muzzle.”

One of the animal’s eyes had to removed because it was so badly infected, the report said.

Veterinarians predicted that Minstral had been mistreated to the point where she wouldn’t have lived much longer had she not been rescued.

She’s now reportedly recovering and doing much better at the Remus horse sanctuary.

“She’s been such a joy to look after and is such a character,” Burton said.


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