Jets Offense Lifeless in Another Blowout feat. Anthony Becht



Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh

It’s Monday night and the Jets still have not scored a touchdown since Week 1.

Three games in and it seems Zach Wilson and the Jets offense are getting worse as the weeks go on. After throwing two touchdowns and keeping things close in his NFL debut against the Panthers, Wilson threw four interceptions in the Jets’ 25-6 loss to the Patriots in Week 2. He followed that up with a big donut on the scoreboard Sunday in a 26-0 debacle in Denver. The Jets are 0-3 and there’s hardly a single positive you can say about this team right now.

To talk about another brutal loss, we bring you a new episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast with Brian Costello and me, featuring an interview with former Jets tight end and and pre-and- postgame host Anthony Becht.

Gang’s All Here Podcast with Jake & Coz:

  • AWFUL FOOTBALL: There’s nothing good to take from Sunday’s loss in Denver. When the Jets got to the Broncos side of the field, they either dropped a pass, turned it over or committed a penalty. Poor play, poor coaching, poor discipline. It was an unwatchable game.
  • ROUGH SEASON: Jets haven’t had a lead yet this season. They haven’t really even been close to looking like a team that can win a game. This comes after a season they went 2-14. There aren’t many winnable games on the schedule and the rookie QB has looked overmatched. His receivers have not made big plays. The offensive line has also stunk.



Anthony Becht Interview:
Former Jets tight end, Jets pre and postgame host

  • RUN THE BALL: Jets have to run the ball more. They did it well in Week 2 and barely ran in Denver. Rather have them try running more, even if it means more punts.
  • WILSON: Needs to keep things more simple. Do more stuff the 49ers do and get tight ends involved. Tyler Kroft was a monster in the preseason in Green Bay and now they are barely targeting him or Ryan Griffin.
  • VETERAN QB: Is there even a veteran QB out there the Jets can get to help Wilson? The names are limited.
  • HERM EDWARDS: Becht gives us something Herm said when coaching him that still sticks with him today.

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