Jets’ Robert Saleh hopeful Marcus Maye deal will get done



Jets coach Robert Saleh said he is hopeful that safety Marcus Maye will have a new long-term contract soon.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for what they’re going through,” Saleh said of Maye and his agent. “You guys know my philosophy. I think these kids have earned the right to ask for whatever they can, especially when they do things the right way like he has. [General manager] Joe [Douglas] and his staff are working relentlessly to get something done. We go with it and we support him all around the organization.”

Saleh said he spoke with Maye before the offseason program began. Maye is seeking a new long-term contract, but the Jets have not given him one yet. The Jets applied the franchise tag to Maye in March. The two sides have until July 15 to reach a deal or Maye will play this season under the tag for $10.6 million.

Saleh said he and Maye had a good discussion. It sounds as if the coach does not expect that Maye will participate in the offseason program until he has a new deal.

Marcus Maye
Marcus Maye
Paul J. Bereswill

Interestingly, Saleh was asked about Maye’s role in his defense. It sounds as if Saleh envisions Maye as more of a strong safety, with Lamarcus Joyner at free safety. Maye has played free safety for most of his career, but did play some strong safety in 2020.

“Marcus filling that strong safety role, where he can come down in the box, he can play the middle of the field, he can play the half. He’s very versatile,” Saleh said. “Just like the comment I made about C.J. Mosley, Marcus Maye fits every system and he’ll be just fine.”

Fifth-round pick Jamien Sherwood got his first shock as his plane was arriving at Newark Airport.

“It’s about to be summertime and the pilot said it’s 57 degrees here. That caught me by surprise,” Sherwood, who grew up in Florida and played at Auburn, said.

Sherwood said the coldest game he ever played in was in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in high school. Wait until he gets a game in Foxborough or Buffalo in December.

Sherwood, a linebacker, said it hit him on Friday when he took the field that he was in the NFL.

“Just walking out on the field in a Jets helmet and jersey, it just feels so surreal,” Sherwood said. “This is something you dream of. I used to play with the Jets in Madden and now I’m playing for the Jets. It’s just crazy for me.”

The rookies have practice and meetings on Sunday morning and then camp breaks by noon. They must leave the facility, but are permitted to return on May 17 when the next phase of the voluntary offseason program begins.


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