JJ Redick blasts Pelicans’ David Griffin over Mavericks trade



Sharpshooter/Brooklyn resident JJ Redick will finally join the Mavericks in New York on Thursday and will hold an introductory Zoom press conference. And Redick will be on the bench when Dallas faces the Knicks Friday at the Garden – still out with a heel injury.

But he’d rather be on the other side. Redick, the 15-year veteran and former Duke star, vented his disappointment that the Pelicans apparently backed out on their word that he’d be bought out if they couldn’t find a home for him in the Northeast.

Redick, 36, lives with his family in DUMBO and said he was “jarred,” “floored” and “shocked” about being traded at Thursday’s deadline to the Mavericks. The Pelicans picked up a second-round pick and Nicolo Melli.

In comments he made Wednesday on his podcast “Old Man and The Three,” Redick ripped Pelicans GM David Griffin for not doing the right thing and letting him to choose his spot in the New York region.

The Knicks and Nets were each interested in Redick but only on the buyout market.

“I look at the buyout situation not as ‘Oh I’m going to get bought and go to Brooklyn,’ ” Redick said, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I just wanted to be able to, on an off day, go see my family and be within driving distance…Obviously, he did not honor his word.”

Last week, Griffin told reporters that he tried to trade Redick close to Brooklyn but those teams “were not necessarily the most aggressive in landing him.”

JJ Redick Pelicans David Griffin Mavericks
JJ Redick isn’t happy with the Pelicans over the handling of his trade to the Mavericks.
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Griffin said he figured the Mavericks would be amenable because they’re a playoff contender and the Pelicans are falling out of the race.

“I think in JJ’s situation we spent the vast majority of the year trying to put him specifically where his family was,” Griffin said. “This is because of the COVID situation. It’s an unprecedented year and a half in everyone’s life. We did spent a lot of time trying to put JJ closer to home.”

The Knicks are looking for outside shooting at the wing and Redick is a CAA client. Knicks president Leon Rose ran CAA before joining the Knicks one year ago.

Redick said he told Mavericks owner Mark Cuban any other year he’d love to be in Dallas. Just not this one.

“I don’t think you’re going to get honesty from that front office, objectively speaking,” Redick said. “That’s not an opinion, I just don’t think you’re gonna get that. I don’t think what happened with me is necessarily an isolated incident. It’s not something where I would expect certainly the agents who worked on this with me to ever trust that front office again.”

When Redick played for the Sixers for two seasons, he drove home from Philly to Brooklyn after games. Would Redick have chosen the Nets over the Knicks?

On a recent podcast in which he hosted Julius Randle, Redick talked about the Garden being his top arena.

“It is what makes the Knicks experience I feel, like, special,” Redick said. “Playing in New York is amazing. I choose to live in New York City in the offseason. I love the city. Madison Square Garden going back since the McDonald’s All American game, it’s been my favorite arena.”


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