Letters to the Editor— Feb. 20, 2021



The Issue: Literature sent to parents by an East Village school asking them to “reflect on their whiteness.”

The dissemination of racist propaganda at East Side Community HS is beyond reprehensible (“Woke note to parents,” Feb. 17).

I am both sickened and outraged. Meanwhile, many New York City teachers report that this is the norm for their teacher trainings.

Rather than using this time to assist and guide teachers toward excelling in the classroom, “trainings” consist of incessant race-baiting.

I urge my fellow New Yorkers to contact their elected representatives. Racism has no place in our schools or anywhere else in our nation.

Maria Fleckenstein

This tops the cake: I hope Principal Mark Federman is fired on the spot.

How the hell is this OK — asking parents how white they are? Can you imagine if this had been passed out to black parents asking how black they are?

This man needs to be fired immediately. This is racist and unacceptable.

Lance Lovejoy

The New York Post reported this week that a New York City public school principal sent parents a pamphlet asking parents to reflect on their “whiteness.”

The handout was accompanied by a color-coordinated meter with a red zone on the left titled “white supremacist” and the far right green zone labeled “white abolitionist.”

When parents called to complain, a spokesman said: “Our staff are now being targeted with vile racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs and degrading language.”

If the accusations are true, then I would be the first to condemn the response — but know how lefties respond to criticism: They cry wolf a lot. Maybe it was simply parents being concerned about what their children are being taught.

In my humble opinion, telling white kids they are racists for being white and telling black kids they are victims because they are black are wrong.

How about just teaching kids to be colorblind and to treat everyone with respect? Basing every relationship on identity is wrong, period.

Michael G. Hart
Kokomo, Ind.

Once again, the race-card-carrying wokeism of the Department of Education under Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza proves that it can’t function in a civilized society.

The very essence of Carranza’s anti-racism and diversity training is, in fact, racist at its core. There is zero justification for the use of such offensive and hateful material to be disseminated by principals to parents as “food for thought.”

To be clear, Barnor Hesse’s ethnography of whiteness is neither thought-provoking nor scholarly. It’s racially antagonistic and alienating. There is nothing remotely respectful or dignified in this vitriolic discourse.

This is pure insanity and does nothing to improve race relations and fix the problems that ail the fledgling New York City public school system.

Theresa O’Brien

As an educator and reader of The Post, I am perplexed after reading this article.

As the article mentioned, the student population is 55 percent Hispanic, 18 percent white, 15 percent black, 10 percent Asian and 2 percent “other.”

However, was the information sent out only to “white” families or also to the other 80 percent who were considered minority? If it was sent to all, doesn’t this create a system of hatred and misunderstanding of one’s culture?

It serves no purpose to send this information to a community that is more minority than it is “white.” In fact, it does nothing more but to anger communities of minorities and incite hate.

Chris Piccigallo

This “white” list sent out to parents from a public school is the most divisive action they could’ve have taken.

These types of actions from the left make me want to pull my children out of school and move to some secluded area in Alaska — away from all the madness.

Steve Preziosa
Deptford Township, NJ

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