Letters to the Editor — March 11, 2021



The Issue: Gov. Cuomo’s statement that he would not step down in the wake of harassment allegations.

Gov. Cuomo said: “I was elected by the people of the state. I wasn’t elected by politicians. I’m not going to resign because of the allegations.” (“No. 2 Dem Tells Cuo: Go!” March 8).

Isn’t Cuomo forgetting something? He was elected by the people of New York, but that was before they learned he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of seniors in nursing homes and harassing six women.

Does he really think that the public would elect him now? He did the crime. Time to resign.

David Lawrence

The governor’s harassment of (so far) six women is sleazy, creepy and contemptible, but that pales before his responsibility for the almost 13,000 seniors who died and the subsequent coverup, lying to federal authorities (and everyone else) and the overall cock-up he made of vaccinations by taking control of the program.

Too many diehard Democrats will excuse his harassment with a wink and a “boys will be boys,” so those who want an end to Cuomo’s term should focus on his slaughter of the innocents.

Bill Marsano

State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins is absolutely cor­rect in calling on Cuo­mo to resign due the worsening sex charges as well as the terrible nursing-home disaster, which cost nearly 13,000 innocent lives.

He can no longer effectively attend to the business of the state with all of these burgeoning problems that continue to sink him further into political oblivion.

The governor needs to realize that the more he insists he will not resign, the more the clamor from politicians as well as from residents from all over the state will continue to grow.

The Cuomo dynasty is hopefully nearing its end. The sooner he steps down from his position, the better off the people of this state will be. Heaven help us all.

John Amato|
Fresh Meadows

How could a parent encourage a daughter or son to enter politics or intern for a politician considering the current state of government, where it seems that it’s acceptable to treat interns and underlings like pieces of meat to be used and discarded?

The media, with the exception of The Post, do not hold these politicians responsible for this disgusting behavior.

Daniel Gardner
Staten Island

As we go further and further into this new scandal with Cuomo no one should lose sight of priorities.

Yes, the allegations of sexual harassment are terrible, but the deaths of thousands of helpless and lonely seniors is not an allegation, it’s fact. It’s geronticide.

Why it took so long for anyone in authority or in the press to address one — while they jumped all over the other — must be examined. Is it because the dead can’t give an exclusive interview on the nightly news, or is it that Americans’ attention span is that short?

What happens when Cuomo is slapped on the wrist for murder and impeached for sexual harassment?

It must be torturous for the families who lost loved ones. Does anybody still remember them?

John Fleming
Punta Gorda, Fla.

When is this ogre, Cuo­mo, going to be brought to justice?

He signed an order directing nursing homes to accept senior citizens who were infected with COVID-19, not to mention the sexual-harassment allegations.

This pervert used the office of governor to abuse six women.

I venture there are many more still fearful of coming forward, as they may hold jobs with Team Cuomo or with his allies.

Walter Murray
Clearwater, Fla.

Now that the elephant in the room, former President Donald Trump, is no longer around to draw all the media attention, the corruption and sleaziness of Democratic politicians like Cuomo is allowed to take front and center in the media.

Finally the real bad guys — Democratic politicians — are being exposed. And there are plenty more out there.

John Kirkwood
Westwood, NJ

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