Russell Westbrook won’t let Stephen A. Smith ‘talk s–t for no reason’



Russell Westbrook took the high road. Instead of firing back at Stephen A. Smith’s criticism, he spoke in broad terms about his play, and finding happiness in life.

The ESPN hot-take artist said the Wizards star point guard’s numbers don’t mean anything to him, because Westbrook has never won a title and his team is languishing at 17-29. Westbrook was asked about the comments.

“I don’t say much,” Westbrook said. “I don’t like to go back and forth about people, but one thing I won’t allow to happen anymore is to let people create narratives and constantly just talking s–t for no reason about me because I lay it on the line every night and I use my platform to be able to help people all across the world.”

After Westbrook recorded the first triple-double in NBA history with 35 points and 20 assists in a 132-124 win over the Pacers on Monday, Smith said his numbers aren’t significant to him because Westbrook’s numbers don’t equate to on-court success.

“You’ve played with some great, great players over the years, some talent. And not a single title to show for it,” Smith said. “The numbers are the numbers. That’s Russell Westbrook. He can do that to anybody. But I’m at a point in time in his career where it ain’t about that no more. It’s about whether or not you can get to another level to win the chip.”

Westbrook’s wife Nina also responded to Smith on Instagram, writing, “I don’t know how many times I have to be minding my own business and randomly be subjected to you slandering my husband.”

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