Urban Meyer’s family is done with this partying scandal



Urban Meyer’s wife Shelley has had enough of the Internet.

In wake of her husband’s scandal, in which he was seen partying and dancing with young women in viral videos from the weekend, Shelley announced Thursday that she will be leaving Twitter in wake of the backlash she has received.

“This will be my last post on Twitter,” her tweet reads. “Frankly, I don’t need the hate, vitriol, slander, trash that will @ me.

“We all make mistakes. We are all sinners. If you think you aren’t? Then cast the first stone.”

Shelley went on to thank her followers and friends, saying, “I love you ALL and wish God’s blessings on you.” She also noted that she “will be deleting” right after her post, though the tweet was still up as of Thursday afternoon.

She had previously not spoken on the scandal but had been liking tweets, including one that says “Urban Meyer doesn’t deserve Shelley.”

Urban’s daughter, Gigi, meanwhile, defended her father on Instagram, saying they are “moving on” from the partying scandal.

Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley in 2019.
Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley in 2019.
Getty Images for Fanatics

“We all decided we’re gonna move on, alright?” Gigi said on her Instagram story. “We’re moving on and life is good. We are blessed. I have the most incredible family in the entire world.”

Gigi went on to say, “The reality of it is, as much of our lives seem different than everybody else’s, we’re still human. We have human things that we deal with, and this is one of those things, but the good news is we know his character and he’s literally the most incredible person I know in my entire life.”

The Jaguars head coach called a meeting with his team Wednesday morning, vowing to own his antics over the weekend at the Columbus bar and calling his behavior “stupid.” He has stated he did not consider resigning from his current position as head coach.

When asked about the state of his marriage, Meyer said, “This speed bump won’t affect 37 years together.”

Urban Meyer with daughter Gigi in 2015.
Urban Meyer with daughter Gigi in 2015.
Getty Images for ESPN

Urban Meyer has a very important weekend ahead, as the 0-4 Jaguars face off with the division rival Titans on Sunday.


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